Future Robot join hands with Intel! Stability and prosperity, integration and innovation - 2023 AMR enabling intelligent manufacturing seminar was successfully held!

On March 6, the "Stability and Innovation--2023 AMR Enabling Intelligent Manufacturing Seminar" jointly organized by Intel and Future Robot was successfully held at the JW Marriott Hotel, OCT, Qianhai, Shenzhen. Experts and industry elites from mobile robots, motion control, machine vision and other fields gathered to discuss how AMR based on Intel platform enables intelligent manufacturing, and share industry best practices with actual cases.




At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Amos Yang of Future Robot gave an opening speech. He imagined any possibility of the future development of robots, showed his confidence in the development prospects of the robot industry, and hoped to work with friends from all industries to jointly describe the "poem and future" blueprint belonging to robots.


Mr. Jun Yang, the sales director of the IoT and Channel Data Center Business Department of Intel in China, shared with that the market scale of China's industrial robots, automation and other industries will continue to expand in 2022, with a promising growth. At the same time, he also expressed Intel's support for China's robots and other industries, and hoped to work with us to create a better future.


Guest sharing

In recent years, driven by the national policy and the demand for flexible manufacturing, the AMR (autonomous mobile robot) market has maintained a strong momentum of development and accelerated its large-scale deployment and penetration into more diverse and complex scenarios. Ms. Amelia Qu , senior product manager of robotics in China and Industrial Solutions Division of Intel Network and Edge Group, introduced "Intel ® AMR related technology ", from perception to execution, from end to cloud, the full stack of hardware product support and rich software tools and platform enabling robot solutions were quickly implemented, and at the same time, the powerful application advantages of Intel technology in the AMR field were demonstrated to you through several cases.


Ms. Xiaohuan Lin from the marketing center of Future Robot make a share with the theme of "AMR enabling intelligent manufacturing". She introduced the current market scale and application fields of AMR, and shared  the information of several products of Future Robot based on the X86 platform for AMR applications. At the same time, she said that Future Robot would continue to innovate, optimize technology and services, and launch more products for AMR applications in the future, achieve wider application.


Mr. Yuan Li, the sales director of Super Accurate Vision Technology Co., Ltd., share with the theme of "3D machine vision products and solutions". He introduced in detail the visual welding system and services built by Super Accurate Vision Technology and applied in the field of intelligent welding, and combined several cases to share and intuitively showed people the advantages of their products such as high accuracy, easy operation, and diversified application scenarios.


Ms. Xuan Chen from Future Robot Product Center shared with "Product and service information of Future Robot in 2023 ". She introduced the product design and development process of Future Robot in detail, from the motherboard of different sizes as the design basis to the final machine expansion plan. At the same time, she also shared the technology and product innovation plan of Future Robot in 2023 and the information of several new products. In the future, Future Robot will always adhere to the market demand-oriented, customer-centered, flexible design and development concept to meet the diverse needs of customers.


In the process of intelligent manufacturing, an excellent machine control system can help enterprises to operate more efficiently, economically and sustainably. With the theme of "Project 'Wonder Wonder' - The most powerful PC-based controller on the planet earth", Mr. Jia, the product manager of Youyikong Software Co., Ltd., professionally demonstrated the advantages of its controller "Wonder Wonder Wonder" in terms of computational power, algorithm, data and other aspects.


 The five guests' sharing was interesting and varied and the audience was very interested.


Guest interaction

In addition to the guest sharing part, Future Robot also set up a product display platform at the venue, displaying the different types of products, including single-board computers of different sizes, industrial computers, and all-in-one computers, so that guests participating in the event can have a deeper understanding of Future Robot's products.


With the continuous improvement of the level of automation, the development of China's robot market continues to accelerate. At the same time, under the promotion of relevant policies, robots will be applied in a wider range, and manufacturing robots will also have greater opportunities for development. An era of "robot+" will come. Future Robot is willing to explore and innovate best practices with partners in the industry to jointly promote the development of the industry. The day of the activity coincided with the waking of insects, one of the 24 traditional solar terms in China, from that day the weather warmed and the spring thunder began to ring, which means a new and good start. Looking forward to seeing you in the spring when all flowers are in full bloom!


After the event, some guests took a group photo