After-sales Service

Thank you very much for purchasing future robot products. In order to protect your due rights, please read the following content in detail to fully understand the perfect after-sales service provided by our company.

1.Before using the products of our company, please be sure to read the user manual attached to the products carefully, and operate in accordance with the described usage methods. When the customer sends the faulty product for repair, he should attach the repair form with the product to request repair.

2.One-year maintenance service for using our company's products.

A.The one-year period starts from the date of shipment.

B.Products and peripheral products not manufactured by our company are subject to the warranty conditions provided by the original factory unless otherwise specified.

C.Customers and dealers are requested to back up hard disk data before sending it for repair. Our company will not backup, restore or transfer data on behalf of you.

D.Before sending all kinds of products for repair, please uninstall the illegal software in the product by yourself, otherwise any relevant legal liability caused by it has nothing to do with the company.

E.General faulty products, please do not attach any accessories. If accessories are required, please note in detail in the repair application form. If the accessories are not specified in detail, our company will not be responsible for the loss of accessories.

3.In the following cases, the company will not provide the above warranty service even within the warranty period:

A.Damage caused by not following the usage method provided in the user manual.

B.Damage caused by falling and vibration during personal transportation and carrying.

C.Damaged by fire, earthquake, flood, electric shock or other natural disasters, pollution, or use of a wrong power source.

D.Damaged due to improper storage environment, such as high temperature, high humidity, or close to volatile products.

E.Damaged due to battery wear and tear, replacement of a new battery, and electrolyte outflow.

F.If it is not repaired or changed by the company's technicians and causes damage, the company will charge an additional fee.

G.The product serial number attached to the product has been altered or destroyed.

H.Warranty items not listed by our company.

4.The customer needs to bear the risk of damage and the shipping cost of shipping the product to be repaired to the company or the original distributor.

5.To ensure maintenance efficiency and quality, please download the repair application form. The company's repair policy takes priority for customers who have filled out the repair application form.

If you have any questions about the use of our products, please feel free to contact our FAE staff, or email your questions to: Thank you!