AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), also known as Self-Driving Robot, is a trackless unmanned mobile vehicle with a robotic arm and a mobile platform combined with autonomous navigation. Because it can change the handling method that relied on manpower or manual operation of tools in the past to automation, greatly reducing the dependence on basic labor, which is of great help in reducing human errors and improving production efficiency.

The traditional AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) needs to build a track in advance, and the car body can only walk on the planned path. In addition to the lack of flexibility, there will also be situations where the positioning accuracy is insufficient, or it cannot cope with unexpected situations. With the advancement of science and technology, AGV has gradually evolved into an AMR that is elastic, flexible, and capable of independent navigation.


  • Warehousing logistics handling robot

  • Household and shopping mall service robots

  • Exploration robot (deep sea and other special scenes)

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