Future Robot helps the logistics industry to efficiently cope with logistics peaks

In recent years, China's online retail market has maintained steady growth. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, the national online retail sales will reach 13.1 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.1%, and the growth rate is 3.2 percentage points faster than the previous year. This has promoted the development of the logistics industry to a certain extent. At the same time, concepts such as "Industry 4.0" and "Internet +" are booming, and the logistics field has also begun to upgrade and transform intelligently. The state has issued a number of policies to promote the innovation and development of "smart logistics", including logistics infrastructure equipment, supply chain construction, information technology services and many other aspects. With the development of emerging technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, warehousing systems have begun to develop digitally and intelligently. AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), automatic sorting, and barcode/electronic identification are now widely used.

Future Robot has helped the field of smart logistics to improve the efficiency of warehousing, logistics, sorting and transportation, making the logistics link more efficient and flexible for many  years. Now let's take a look together below.


AMR is an autonomous mobile robot, which has the characteristics of autonomous positioning and autonomous navigation, and is widely used in the logistics industry. Compared with its traditional predecessor AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle), AMR does not rely on tracks or predefined routes, and has stronger autonomy and flexibility. AMR needs to implement sensing of the environment and real-time calculation of data to ensure fast, accurate and safe movement, so it has high requirements for control center equipment.

The IEM-2160 series single-board computer of Future Robot, based on Intel Apollo Lake SoC processor, has strong scalability, has 2 64-pin connectors and 1 BTB connector, and can be extended with USB, COM, and PCIe And other interfaces, while providing powerful computing capabilities, it also meets the needs of AMR to connect various cameras and sensors.

Automatic Sorting

As the volume of express delivery business increases year by year, customers have higher and higher requirements on the timeliness of logistics. The traditional manual sorting of parcels is time-consuming and laborious, and it will also cause the accumulation of parcels, which will affect the efficiency of logistics transportation. At present, the leading logistics companies have applied automatic sorting equipment, and the use of automatic sorting systems can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of sorting. In various sorting systems, the collection, identification and analysis of information is the key technology. In the face of a large number of express packages, the hardware equipment applied to the automatic sorting system requires strong data transmission and analysis capabilities, as well as good stability.

Future Robot's industrial computer can well meet this demand. The E552 series industrial computer is based on Intel's 6th to 9th generation desktop processors (LGA1151), integrated graphics control, and has powerful data analysis capabilities and image processing capabilities; at the same time there are rich I/O interfaces, including 2 DP interfaces and 1 VGA interface, which support independent display of multiple images, and staff in different links can clearly see the overall status at the same time and give timely feedback on the parcel situation; there are also multiple network ports, The USB interface and serial port can be used to connect multiple sorting system peripherals, such as industrial cameras, code scanners, weighing modules, etc. The E552 series also has 2 PCI/PCIe expansion slots, supporting network cards, image acquisition cards, etc., suitable for various field needs. The product adopts a solid and intensive design, which can work stably in a harsh environment. It is small in size but powerful in function, helping to improve the efficiency of logistics sorting.

The products of Future Robot have been widely used in the field of smart logistics, and have excellent performance, improving the efficiency of warehousing and logistics, allowing consumers to receive packages quickly and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience