Solution | V300 Vision Controller with pointolite source for precise positioning of Mark points


With the development of industrial automation, electronic components continues to size smaller, and Mark point positioning is the first place in machine vision positioning, especially in the processing of IC chips and PCB boards. In these high-precision machining processes, the accuracy of Mark point positioning is reduced due to defects and deficiencies on the edges of Mark points. The use of a vision controller and a point light source in conjunction with a telecentric lens aims to eliminate the effects of edge defects and improve positioning accuracy.

V300 vision controller solution

Application requirements

Mark point positioning is very common in machine vision applications due to the existence of a variety of Mark points. The position of the Mark point can be used to determine the position of other products and parts, which can be used for inspection and assembly. SMT industry wafer position angle and PCB board mark point position measurement. The test requires an accuracy of 0.04mm and a movement speed of 100mm/s. V300 series vision controller and point light source, together with telecentric lens as coaxial light source, can realize applications with small field of vision, high brightness and high precision requirements, and provide advanced solutions for machine vision applications.

V300 vision controller point positioning solution


V300 series Vision Controller is equipped with Intel® Pentium N4200 processor and up to 8GB DDR3L memory. It has professional vision control and high-performance image processing capabilities. V300 series products are designed with professional visual control I/O interfaces, with 3 independent Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 2 light source control outputs, 4 sets of isolated digital I/O, 2 serial ports, 4 USB ports, etc. Support real-time dynamic triggering and multi-camera synchronous acquisition.  

V300 series Vision Controller is based on FPGA, and the API function library provided by DI/DO function can realize programmable DI anti-shake filtering, time delay without occupying CPU resources, and adjustable DO pulse width. Users can configure it through user wiring Sink/Source DO, real-time dynamic trigger, point light source adopts constant current control, which is more stable, brighter and more uniform, making it a high computing power, precise time operation, small field of view, high brightness, high precision, and space occupied the ideal solution for small machine vision applications.

V300 vision controller for machine vision

Client benefit

n   Higher accuracy, can greatly reduce the time by more than 80%

n   Reduce waste of raw and auxiliary materials

n   Reduce labor intensity and have more energy to improve product quality