New Release | C110 series 2/4port PCI Express® GigE Vision Frame Grabber – Ideal for Multi cameras synchronous acquisition

To meet the needs of image acquisition applications in the field of Machine Vision, Future Robot Technology Co., Ltd. brought C110 series 2/4 channel PCI Express® GigE Vision Frame Grabber, which supports high-speed transmission and can be connected to 2/4 Gigabit cameras. It has the characteristics of stable data transmission, small space occupation, easy installation, simple setup and excellent performance.

4port Frame Grabber

C110 series 2/4 channel PCI Express® GigE Vision Frame Grabber is compatible with all types of computers, multiple frame grabbers can be installed in the same system without occupying BIOS I/O resources.

C110 series 2/4port Frame Grabber supports wide temperature operation, matched with E500 series Fanless Industrial Computer, can be deployed in applications with limited space, widely used in Intelligent Transportation, Visual Inspection, Industrial Automation, Security Monitoring, Medical Imaging, AOI, Data Center, Wireless applications and many other fields.

frame grabber solutions

Gigabit speed, better performance

Using Intel i210 chip, support 10/100/1000M rate, full-duplex, half-duplex intelligent detection and adaptive capacity. The transmission rate is up to 1Gb/s, which can realize automatic coverage of third-party drivers.


PCIe interface, more efficient

Support new generation PCI Express interface, more efficient data transmission, smaller space occupation, compatible with PCI-e x16/x8/x4 (PCIe x2/x1 support requires a connector rear opening)


Easy installation and better compatibility

Easy to use, just to plug it into the PCI express slot and install the appropriate driver to use it. Compatible with mainstream operating systems, such as Windows XP/7/8/10 and Linux system.




l      PCI Express x16/x8/x4 compatible

l      2/4port Gigabit Ethernet with up to 1Gb/s transmission rate per port
l      Adaptive transmission rate, adapt to different speed network equipment

Support capturing images in extreme environments without dropping frames

Support time-sensitive networks (TSN)

l      Operation temperature 0℃-70℃

l      Support Windows XP/7/8/10 and Linux system

For more details of Future Robot and C110 series Frame Grabber, welcome to contact us any time, thank you.