New release | C200 series 4port PCI Express USB3.1 expansion card – Ideal for multi cameras high-speed synchronous acquisition

o meet the needs of image acquisition applications in machine vision field, Future Robot Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the C200 series 4-channel PCI Express USB3.1 expansion card, which supports high-speed transmission and can connect 4 USB cameras at the same time. It has high-speed and stable data transmission with easy installation, simple setup, and excellent performance.

4port PCIe USB3.1 expansion card

C200 series 4-port PCIe USB3.1 expansion card is an emerging bus technology that is 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and is especially suitable for high-speed and stable data storage and imaging equipment.

C200 series USB3.1 expansion card supports wide temperature operation. Matched with the E500 series Fanless Embedded Industrial Computer, it can be deployed in applications with limited space. It is widely used in high-speed data transmission, vision inspection, industrial automation, surveillance, medical imaging, AOI, data center and multimedia applications etc.


4-port PCIe USB3.1 expansion card solutions


Gigabit speed, better performance

Each port has an independent USB3.1 controller core, which can provide a transmission speed of up to 900MB/s. Each port provides a maximum current of 1500mA, which can provide stable DC power for external USB devices.


PCIe interface, more efficient

Support new generation PCI express interface, more efficient data transmission, smaller space occupation, compatible with PCI-e x16/x8/x4 (PCIe x2/x1 support requires a connector rear opening)


Easy installation and better compatibility

Easy to use, just to plug it into the PCIe slot and install the appropriate driver to use it. Compatible with mainstream operating systems, such as Windows XP/7/8/10 and Linux system.





  • Compatible with PCI Express x16/x8/x4

  • 4-port USB3.1, transfer rate up to 900MB/s per port

  • Onboard 5V DC regulated power supply, no additional power required

  • Maximum current of 1500mA from each port

  • Operation temperature 0℃-60℃

  • Support Windows XP/7/8/10 and Linux