High-performance Computing, Edge Computing, Machine Vision | Intel's 3 major strategies for the Internet to lead the industry

On October 17, the 2019 Intel IoT Summit with the theme of "Everything Matters" was held in Xiamen. On the road to data-centricity, every small change in technology-enabled traditional industries is of great significance. Currently, Intel has partnered with partners to build more than 150 Intel® IoT industry total solutions and achieve more than 2,900 actual deployments. At the meeting, Intel Systems introduced its three-pillar strategies for the layout of the Internet of Things and described the efforts made in recent years to promote the deployment of the global Internet of Things from the edge to the cloud. At present, Intel is fully committed to the Internet of Things, with its leading technology and product portfolio and unique end-to-end solutions to create a broad and diverse innovation ecosystem and work together to promote the integration of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. The industrial revolution of "all things intelligent interconnection".

Intel IoT Executive Solution Summit - Everything Matters

At the summit, Intel and our various manufacturers jointly demonstrated the industry-leading artificial intelligence and IoT-related technologies and products, which not only conveyed the ecological concept of open and win-win, but also actively expanded the depth and breadth of ecological cooperation.

Intel DemoPartner Future Robot Technology Co., Ltd

Future Robot Technology Co., Limited has been focused on the development and design and production of Intel embedded vision machine, the product application industry has industrial automation, robotics, machine vision, medical applications, intelligent transportation, finance, education, Internet of Things (IoT) and other fields. In order to target different market targets, we have launched Intel's key platforms such as Skylake, Kaby Lake, Apollo Lake, etc., and fully support the requirements of all types of customers, and strive to become a company that allows partners to be assured.

Future Robot Technology Co., Limited machine vision product family

As a affiliate member of the Intel IOT Alliance, Future Robot Technology Co., Limited was invited to participate in the summit. With its outstanding technical strength and reliable visual products, it has been highly recognized and affirmed by people from all walks of life. Thanks to Intel for its support, we will continue to support you. Will grasp the development of the Internet of Things, and work together with people from all walks of life at home and abroad to create greater glories.

Future Robot Technology Co., ltd demo showcase at Intel IOT SUMMIT