The design of the Vision Controller ensures the stability of the machine operation

The design of the Vision Controller ensures the stability of the machine operation

The Vision Controller detection system can be divided into three parts: image information acquisition, image information processing and electromechanical system execution detection results. In addition, according to the system requirements, parameter setting and adjustment can be performed through the man-machine interface in real time. The visual industrial computer is compact and compact, and supports rail mounting. The products are widely used in automated inspection production lines and are compatible with most software algorithms on the market. Applicable to machine vision inspection and electronic component appearance inspection in the automotive industry.

The Vision Controller adopts fanless design, and the high-strength steel plate has been covered with aluminum alloy heat dissipation system to ensure the firm structure and good heat dissipation performance. The size of the whole machine is only 120 x 100 x 51mm. It is especially suitable for machine vision applications with small space and automatic production line, replacing the existing 4U industrial computer plus capture card. The fully integrated design also ensures the stability of the machine operation. Products can be used for product positioning, QR code recognition, product appearance inspection, flaw detection and so on.

Vision Controller features:
■ Standardized detection module, which is convenient for customers to configure and realize full automation control;
■ The measurement results are used for product grading, and the system outputs control signals for grading;
■ It is not affected by the physiological and psychological factors of workers, and the test results are consistent;
■ It is not subject to external factors (such as fluorescent lamps) and the test results are stable.

Vision Controller adopts all-aluminum mold opening design, compact and convenient, and is widely used in the industry of automatic control machine, machine vision inspection product line and other visual inspection. It is compatible with most visual software algorithms and easy to develop.

The visual system of the Vision Controller is to convert the sucked policy into a picture signal and transmit it to a dedicated picture processing system, which is converted into a digital signal according to pixel dispersion and brightness, color and other information; the picture system performs various operations on these signals to extract The characteristics of the policy, and then according to the results of the judgment to control the equipment action on the scene. The primary components of the machine vision system include visual light sources, lenses, picture sensors, visual processing and communication.