Dual-Camera Vision Controller

Dual-Camera Vision Controller

V300 Vision Controller-fanless embedded computer

Future Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of custom vision solutions used by Systems Integrators and distributors in machine and quality control in production plants worldwide for inspection, defection, measurement and guidance etc., presented V300 serires Dual-Camera Vision Controller.

V300 is an industrial PC specifically designed for vision applications, it combines a number of advantages for ease of installation comparing to classic industrial PCs:

  1.  Fanless with a compact and rugged construction

  2.  Box PC ready-to-use requiring no loading of any additional components such as lightning controller or more cables or switch

  3.  FPGA-enabled real time isolated digital I/O allowing for extremely low-latency synchronization between vision system, cameras and machine automation.

  4.  Open architecture supporting Windows 10 or Linux, friendly with third party software and libraries.

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