Fanless Embedded IPC isolated RS485 design apply in Industrial fields

RS485 is one of the most widely used physical layer BUS design standards. It can be widely used in Process Control Network, Industrial Automation, Remote Terminal and Motion Control.

Isolated RS485


In the system, RS485 provides differential data transmission between multiple systems. These systems are usually far apart and with many nodes. When a node is struck by lightning, power supply fluctuation, inductive switch and electrostatic discharge, it would affect other devices and might lead to serious equipment damage.


The use of electrically isolated interface can suppress all kinds of common mode interference between nodes caused by grounding potential difference and grounding loop, and can limit the impulse voltage of nodes to the current node to ensure normal operation of other nodes in the system.


E310 series Modular Fanless Embedded PC with isolated RS485 has strong anti-interference ability, support self-adapt RS485 full speed (0~10Mbit/s), data full transparent transmission, very low nanosecond level signal delay, isolated internal communication and BUS data signal, effectively protect communication equipment from power ground loop and surge interference. Extensively support for Industrial Automation, Radar Monitoring System, Mining, Facility Management and Rail applications.

Dual Isolated RS485